Don’t miss the new YouTube series in which Tommaso Zorzi, with his stylist will twist, with verve and irony, the style of five participants, by choosing the perfect outfit for a special occasion.

Episode #5

Marco is a data analyst and father to the cutest 3 years old Ambra. They are attending a wedding this Summer and they’re looking for a matching look to wear for the occasion.

Episode #4

Isacco is a theatre student and plays in a rock band. He wishes to learn how to elevate his looks, whilst dressing authentically for his own personality. He’s looking for the right outfit to attend a concert, for the first time, dresses as a spectator.

Episode #3

Aurora is a 22 years old young woman, currently completing her studies in Communication. She wants to learn how to enhance her petite silhouette, and find a stunning look for her upcoming graduation party.

Episode #2

Valentina is very much into activewear and comfort, but would love to find the perfect way to elevate her daily looks. She wishes to style amazing outfits without losing her take on fashion. With her 30th birthday coming up this summer, she aims to wear something elegant and refined, like a true diva.

Episode #1

Costanza has two passions: marketing and travel. She works in a marketing office in Milan and is also a travel coordinator. She is looking for a sophisticated outfit that she can wear both during working hours and in her free time. How will Tommaso and his stylist Ambra help her?