Give. Protect. Inspire.

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, GUESS?, Inc. and The GUESS Foundation partnered with organizations to donate funds, clothing, and PPE, including masks, and encouraged blood donations to help support its global community during the crisis.

Los Angeles, CA – During the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, GUESS?, Inc., the global lifestyle brand, along with The GUESS Foundation, launched multiple COVID-19 relief efforts, as part of their belief that we are #InThisTogether. GUESS?, Inc. and The GUESS Foundation partnered with organizations to donate funds, clothing, and PPE, including 150,000 masks in Italy and Spain, and encouraged blood donations to help support their global community during the COVID-19 crisis. The mission was simple: Give. Protect. Inspire.

Paul Marciano, Chief Creative Officer, commented: “At GUESS, we want to inspire our communities to fight the COVID-19 crisis with strength, hope, and support of each other. We must maintain this strength for our families, our community and our world, as, together, we can overcome anything. In order to provide essential and urgent resources for those in greatest need, GUESS is donating over $1,300,000 toward the relief of our global community.”

Give: In partnership with Good360, a global leader in product philanthropy and purposeful giving, GUESS?, Inc. donated goods to its communities, including 45,000 pieces of apparel, as well as blankets and coloring books. Good360 has a vast non-profit network that can distribute clothing to those most in need. In addition, The GUESS Foundation and GUESS?, Inc. made a donation to the LA Regional Food Bank to provide meals for struggling local families and children.

Protect: The GUESS Foundation, in partnership with Direct Relief, donated funds toward personal protective equipment to help protect healthcare workers and essential service providers working on the frontlines in the USA. Separately, The GUESS Europe Foundation directly sourced N95 masks to be distributed to hospitals in the Lombardy region of Italy and the Madrid region of Spain, two areas hit hard by the virus. In Lombardy, these donations focused on Fondazione per l’Ospedale dei Bambini Buzzi in Milan, as well as the Sant’Anna hospital in Como and San Leopoldo Mandic hospital in Merate. Throughout the pandemic, these smaller hospitals worked tirelessly, saving the lives of hundreds of people from the region. In Madrid, efforts focused on supplying the IFEMA temporary field hospital, built for the current emergency, and two city hospitals, Gregorio Marañon and La Paz, which were both on the front line. As well as helping with mask distribution at Gregorio Marañon hospital, Spanish medical organization AMYTS also helped distribute masks to various elderly care homes in the Madrid area. In total, GUESS donated 150,000 masks across Spain and Italy. Earlier in the year, GUESS Shanghai also donated to the Hubei Youth Development Foundation to assist with protection from the virus for the greater Wuhan area in China.

Inspire: GUESS?, Inc. utilized its communication platforms, such as social media and its vast network of brand ambassadors, to drive awareness and amplify critical messages to help save lives. Among other actions, GUESS led an information campaign regarding the need for donations to replenish the national blood supply. A single blood donation can save up to 3 lives, and the short amount of time it takes to donate blood can mean a lifetime to a patient with COVID-19. We sought to empower our followers, consumers and associates to take meaningful action and inspire hope during these difficult times.