10.10 Shopping Festival

The GUESS Foundation partnered with 10.10 Shopping Festival to raise donations to support the groundbreaking work of the IEO-CCM Foundation, a non-profit organization that funds the clinical and experimental research of the European Institute of Oncology and the Centro Cardiologico Monzino in Milan, Italy.

10.10 is a USA-based shopping festival that brings together an alliance of high-quality retailers in an innovative shopping event that kicks off the holiday shopping season by offering consumers special perks and incentives, all while raising money for philanthropic organizations. Not only did expansion of the event into Europe bring GUESS’s European consumers great fashion offers, but it helped to increase donations to a very worthy charitable cause.

The result of this initiative was that on Saturday, October 10, GUESS donated €5 of online e-commerce sales of a selection of items from a variety of product categories, with a 25% discount in Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Switzerland, Poland and Russia to the GUESS Foundation, which will subsequently donate €25k of the proceeds to the IEO-CCM Foundation and current IEO Lung Cancer Screening Project.

Once again finding an opportunity to unite fashion with a vital cause, the GUESS Foundation was excited to raise charitable funds, at the same time as offering consumers great perks through the 10.10 shopping festival. Founded in Los Angeles in 1994, the GUESS Foundation seeks to champion social, health and educational opportunities and continues to find innovative and exciting ways of giving positivity and hope to people in need, all across the globe.

The GUESS Foundation’s initiatives are wide-reaching – last year alone, the Foundation donated more than $800,000 to several vital charitable initiatives, including Peace Over Violence for Denim Day, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, St. John’s Health Center and the World Heart Federation. The GUESS Foundation has also previously donated to the IEO-CCM Foundation through The Vintage Project, which harnessed fashion for worthy causes such as this non-profit organization, which funds research into optimizing cancer treatments for patients, and also supports innovative new oncological projects.

The IEO Lung Cancer Screening Project supported by the IEO-CCM Foundation’s tackles one of the most common diseases in the world. The survival rate for lung cancer is 54% if the disease is in its infancy and localized, but only 15% of cases are diagnostic at this stage. This data highlights the need to find a screening tool that is not only effective but also accessible to public health systems. This is the goal of the Lung Cancer Screening Project. The project is focused on early lung cancer detection to detect early stage disease when it is still limited and often asymptomatic. The project aims to create an “electronic nose” that will replace the low-dose CT scan, a tool used today to detect cancers even a few millimeters, but which does not anticipate the disease and exposes the patient to radiation. The electronic nose is a diagnostic, non-invasive, simple, inexpensive, easily usable test on large scale and therefore potentially accessible to the entire population.


About the GUESS Foundation

Founded in 1994, the GUESS Foundation supports a wide range of causes by promoting non-violence, tolerance and equality to bring about social change.

By using the brand image as a strong, autonomous and authoritarian means in a global scenario, the foundation believes that everyone has the right to live life as they wish.

About IEO-CCM Foundation

The IEO-CCM Foundation is a non-profit organization that funds the clinical and experimental research of the European Institute of Oncology and the Cardiology Centre Monzino, with the aim of identifying the best treatments for patients and to support new innovative projects.

The funding for research confirms to be strategic for the work of doctors and researchers working at the IEO and Monzino, so that the progress and results achieved in the laboratory can be quickly transformed into more personalized care, and translated into increasingly effective diagnostic systems available to patients.

Therefore, the priority objective of the IEO-CCM Foundation and the Institutes is precisely to further strengthen fundraising in order to make more and more resources available to support the excellent research carried out by IEO and Monzino and to allow their work to continue in the medium/long term.